Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random (stupid) things about my (worthless) life.

I thought that this was a fitting first blog post but it might also be the last one as well.

1. I am allergic to the sun. Not really I just can't open my eyes when there is a little bit of light outside.

2. I have so very flat feet that the arch is now starting to go the other way.

3. I love school now and that is a change from a 1. something GPA to now a 3.5

4. I am OCD when it comes to a clean home and many other things.

5. My kids love their daddy even though he yells at them most of the time.

6. One of my new years resolution is to stop yelling at my kids.

7. I am so passionate about being a physical Therapist that it pisses me off when people try to suggest that I could do something else and get done a lot quicker.

8. I have to change my socks every day or my feet reek of garlic the next day.

9. I have delivered all 3 of my kids.

10. I hate nuts in brownies or cookies.

11. I think that my feet are still growing since I tried on size 13 shox the other day and they didn't even fit.

12. is the day that my birthday is on....well now I share it with a cute little 1 and a half month old.

13. I print in all caps when I write on paper.

14. I drove back to Utah from Downtown Columbia South Carolina in 28 hours straight.

15. I'm not racist I hate everyone equally.

16. I have started my own business once.

17. I have a pink baby sling which I love so much. (thank you Abby)

18. I have to vacuum every time I move something when cleaning.

19. I can fix just about anything.

20. I hate the sound Styrofoam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21. I can't touch flour.

22. I can't be rushed when going to the bathroom or it takes longer.

23. I like old man button ups that I have had for 9 years or more now.

24. I ride the bus everywhere, because of my uncontrollable road rage.

25. This list was a really hard one for me to do.